Past Exhibitions

Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber Background Love


Bonnie Baxter, Tammi Campbell, Manon De Pauw, Myriam Dion, Sarah Anne Johnson, Chloe Wise

Alternative Histories

Nicolas Baier, Patrick Coutu, Manon De Pauw, Miruna Dragan, Alex McLeod, John Monteith, Charles Stankievech

Division Gallery at the Dallas Art Fair 2017

Nicolas Baier, Graham Gillmore, Sarah Anne Johnson, Scott McFarland, Alex McLeod

Ed Fornieles Stand by me

Megan Rooney A wax rose. A soft punch to the ear

Chloe Wise horrible sound as well

ZONA MACO | Mexico City

Nicolas Baier, Patrick Coutu, Graham Gillmore, Sarah Anne Johnson, Wanda Koop, An Te Liu, Chloe Wise

Scott McFarland PHOTOFAIRS | San Francisco

Michel de Broin This and That

Graham Gillmore Foreign Relations

Wanda Koop In Absentia

Brad Phillips First Last Chance

Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth @4619, Los Angeles

Paul Butler, Bjorn Copeland, Michel de Broin, Simon Hughes, Sarah Anne Johnson, Jillian Kay Ross, An Te Liu, Rose Marcus, Sojourner Truth Parsons, Brad Phillips, Chloe Wise

Paul Butler Semiotics Aside & The Collage Party

John Monteith Somewhere Else

Simon Hughes Blue Period (Ode to Joy)

Svea Ferguson Self-Exposures

Jillian Kay Ross Most Dogs go to Heaven

Patrick Coutu Deep Waters

An Te Liu

Scott McFarland Duration Photographs


Surface & Stratagem

Maryanne Casasanta, Svea Ferguson, Brendan Flanagan, Mike Goldby, Tyler Los-Jones, Abby McGuane, Dylin North, Jade Rude, Michael Vickers

Chloe Wise pissing, shmoozing and looking away

Mathieu Latulippe Back to Paradise Lost

Brendan Flanagan Preset Mispronounced

Martin Bourdeau

Graham Gillmore Great Expectations


David Altmejd, Karel Funk, Graham Gillmore, Scott McFarland, Marc Séguin

Jillian Kay Ross Blonder Online

Paul Butler Still Active

Simon Hughes The Central Region

Nicolas Baier Vanitas

Porcelain: Breaking Tradition

Laurent Craste, Pierre Durette, Nicholas Galanin, Sarah Garzoni, David R. Harper, Martin Klimas, Alex McLeod, François Morelli, Clint Neufeld, Marie Côté & Olivier Girouard, Greg Payce, Amélie Proulx, Anne Ramsden, Stephen Schofield, Brendan Tang, Colleen Wolstenholme

Nicolas Baier Transmission

Shape Shifters

Bruno Billio, Laurent Craste, Brendan Flanagan, Graham Gillmore, Simon Hughes, Jillian Kay Ross, Daniel Richter, Max Streicher

After the Royal Art Lodge

Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber, Marcel Dzama, Jonathan Pylypchuk, Adrian Williams

Wanda Koop 1951-

Soundtrack: Volume 2

Mike Bayne, Karel Funk, Tim Gardner, Simon Hughes, Allison Schulnik, Marc Séguin, Etienne Zack

Dark Matter

Paterson Ewen, Anselm Kiefer, Ugo Rondinone, Allison Schulnik, Marc Séguin

Martin Bourdeau

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