Soundtrack: Volume 2

Mike Bayne, Karel Funk, Tim Gardner, Simon Hughes, Allison Schulnik, Marc Séguin, Etienne Zack

Works in the exhibition

Most artists work in solitude, but silence combined with rapt concentration can be tedious: the studio, once an exciting portal, turns into a confining cell. Therefore many artists use music as a vital tool, for distraction and perhaps even inspiration.  This exhibition invites the viewer inside the sonic presence that inhabits the studio and perhaps, the artist’s psyche. All of the artists have provided a playlist of music that they listened to while working and an iPod and headphones will accompany the artworks.  Do we see the contrast between Sade and doom metal in Allison Schulnik’s work?  How does hearing Coltrane affect the viewing of Karel Funk's coolly detached portraits?  Soundtrack examines contemporary art through the lens of music, creating a synaesthetic experience that reveals connections between sound and image.