Shape Shifters

Bruno Billio, Laurent Craste, Brendan Flanagan, Graham Gillmore, Simon Hughes, Jillian Kay Ross, Daniel Richter, Max Streicher

Works in the exhibition

Division Gallery Toronto is pleased to present seven artists in the exhibition “Shape Shifter”. Winnipeg artist Simon Hughes creates a version of the Northern Lights in a multi-panel series of watercolours spanning almost 30 feet. This series reflects an ongoing interest in Lawren Harris and his combination of geometric abstraction with Northern landscape.

Montreal based Brendan Flanagan’s paintings reflect the shifting translations between digital and material worlds – computer generated forms coalesce with built up areas of paint in a mingling of the ethereal and tangible.

German artist Daniel Richter’s psychedelic paintings pulsate and swirl as if they had materialized from a chemical reaction, with figures that appear as if through thermal imaging.

Toronto artist Bruno Billio manipulates found objects into precarious sculptural configurations that use and become a part of their environment. Untitled is an 8 foot high stack of 60 Ikea chairs.

Toronto based Jillian Kay Ross’ paintings of condensed and abstracted found images take on a mystical quality and dimensional presence.

Toronto artist Max Streicher’s floating sculptures of clouds are animated by air – allowing the wondrous and intangible become to visible.

B.C. based Graham Gillmore’s paintings of disturbing or funny phrases embedded in floating or meandering forms have complex, shifting meanings and emotional effects heightened by the use of pulsating colour and distortion. In one recent work, the word “Mondrian” goes through a series of transformations.