David Altmejd, Karel Funk, Graham Gillmore, Scott McFarland, Marc Séguin

Works in the exhibition

Division Gallery, Toronto is excited to announce Homecoming, a group show exhibiting the works of David Altmejd (b.1974, Montreal), Karl Funk (b.1971, Winnipeg), Graham Gillmore (b.1963, Vancouver), Scott McFarland (b.1975, Vancouver) and Marc Seguin (b.1970, Ottawa), all of whom have surpassed their local success into notoriety as international fixtures in the art world.

As the title suggests, this exhibit takes advantage of the opportunity to welcome home these artists, whose works are now mostly exhibited outside the country. With ongoing success in their relatively young careers, many of their new works are produced for museums and galleries abroad.  It is rare to have this occasion to view works by each of the above in one setting here on native soil.

Most recently, Karel Funk has shifted from portraiture to still lives with a sense of subtle wit. Both Gillmore and McFarland now divide their time between their native Vancouver and Toronto with studios in each influential city, and Seguin the same between Quebec and New York, while Altmejd is now permanently based in New York with prominent representation.

It is an honour to house such strong work from these museum-caliber artists, and we are proud to be able to call them Canada’s own.