Jennifer Lefort Desires and Relationships

Works in the exhibition

In Desires and Relationships, her first exhibition at Division Gallery, Jennifer Lefort investigates the language and history of abstract painting – updating and re-mapping the existing vocabulary of abstraction by placing it within a contemporary context.

Jennifer Lefort’s fresh approach to abstraction combines bold gestures, electric colours and spontaneous biomorphic forms together in a playful dance of her own distinctive style. Aptly examining the coexistence and codependence of formalism and expressionism, Lefort places the viewer in an open-ended narrative of colour field and pattern, structure and disorder – embracing intuition and accident in a chromatic exploration of abstract space. An ongoing play between chaos and order, the weightless compositions offer a place for poetic speculation, for fantasy and freedom in a fleeting transformative exchange.

At once pre-tech and post-virtual, Lefort’s abstractions mirror the paradoxical nature of our current age. Sampled from urban culture and spiked with the tart, acidic colours of digital media, her gestures evoke the urgency and immediacy of abstract expressionism as well as of our fluid and fast-moving media landscape. Solid backgrounds brim with irregular lines. Emotive colour bursts across the canvas in lakes of blue and bubblegum pink. Through layering and repetition, Lefort’s process conveys a deep curiosity about form, colour and space, as well as a reassessment of oil painting traditions. With mists of spray paint and roiled impasto, Lefort conjures liminal spaces poised on the verge of ecstatic transformation – vigorous explorations somehow both capricious and bracingly resolute.

Jennifer Lefort lives and works in Gatineau, Quebec. Her work has been exhibited at Mindy Solomon Gallery (Miami), Parisian Laundry (Montreal), Equinox Gallery (Vancouver), Art Toronto and VOLTA. Lefort was a 2007 RBC Painting Competition finalist and received the prestigious Joseph Plaskett Foundation Award in 2005. Her work is included in numerous collections, most notably BMO, Musée National des beaux-arts du Québec, Schulich School of Business and Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

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