Dark Matter

Paterson Ewen, Anselm Kiefer, Ugo Rondinone, Allison Schulnik, Marc Séguin

Works in the exhibition

“As a child I had no toys; our house was bombed, but there were lots of bricks. Ruins are wonderful because they are the beginning of something new,  you can do something with them.” - Anselm Kieffer

The five international artists included in this exhibition share a profound interest in the life and movement that spring from absence and desolation. Anselm Kiefer’s desolate landscape, Paterson Ewen’s spinning galaxy, Ugo Rondinone’s forever-dark light bulb, Marc Séguin’s ruins and Allison Schulnik’s destitute characters all become promises of a new life to come. From darkness emerges true matter.

In astronomy, dark matter is constituted of particles that, though invisible, affect everything around them. They create a gravitational pull that generates immense movement. Similarly, the desolation in the artworks selected for this exhibition will stir up viewers. They teach us to see beyond the immediately visible, to confront the incomprehensibility of darkness and to postulate unseen realities that shape our expectations of this world. Beyond the seemingly dark perspectives presented in this exhibition, innumerable possibilities and promises of rebirth exist.

The works in the Dark Matter exhibition were selected from the Majudia and Odermatt Collections.