You won't believe (...)

, Paul Butler, Erika Ceruzzi, Nick DeMarco, Brendan Flanagan, Matt Goerzen, Mike Goldby, Thea Govorchin, Jeff Ladouceur, Mathieu Latulippe, Carly Mark, Jillian Mayer, Alex McLeod, Jayson Musson, Wyatt Niehaus, Brad Phillips, Jon Rafman, Les Ramsay, Travess Smalley, Devin Troy Strother, Chloe Wise, Eric Yahnker

Works in the exhibition


curated by Loreta Lamargese

Once considered a distraction, entertainment has increasingly become the means by which we consume information and communicate with one another.  Indeed, entertainment is the vehicle by which day-to-day existence is made spectacular, rendering information aesthetic and consequently digestible.  And while seductive content has broadened appeal, the contemporary consumer demands that that content be personalized - that it be tailored to their particular tastes.  Somewhere amid the viral YouTube clips and deep web fetish sites lurks a discussion of our insatiable quest to uncover new information and the surprising pleasure we take in both the act of searching and what we find.

The 22 artists presented in You won't believe (...) share an investment in entertainment - in the interconnected way in which information is transformed, aestheticized, and disseminated.  Exploring the internet's coded language and complex pleasure systems, they begin to map the network of our desires. Hailing from New York, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Miami, Lausanne, and Los Angeles this group of artists working in diverse media belongs to a consumptive and cultural network that takes physical form in the exhibition.