Mathieu Lefevre Showing Stuff in a Big Room

Fresh from his participation in the Prague Biennale and a collaborative arrangement with The Hole gallery in New York, Mathieu Lefevre (b. 1981) returns to us with a brand-new series of playful, irreverent works. Directors Hugues Charbonneau and Dominique Toutant would like to invite you to the opening of the exhibition “Showing Stuff in a Big Room”, this Saturday, from 3pm to 5pm (please see attached images).

Lefevre’s work has the capacity to make viewers laugh! He uses misconceptions and humour to question the myths surrounding painting and the figure of the artist. The impasto is so thick that the subjects are sculpted on the canvas. Lefevre incorporates into his practice influences as varied as pop culture, art history, and the cult of consumption. So, for instance, ice cream meets conceptual art and Malevitch’s abstract painting is recontextualized in skate culture. Through unexpected juxtapositions, Lefevre invites us to discount the elitism that many see as inherent to the contemporary art field. 

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