David Altmejd, Karel Funk, Tim Gardner, Graham Gillmore, Sarah Anne Johnson, Scott McFarland

Works in the exhibition

This show welcomes to Montreal six outstanding Canadian artists, all of whom are fixtures on the international scene.  Given their busy schedules, much of the work they do is earmarked for galleries and museums outside of Canada, so it is a rare pleasure to have this collection assembled here in Montreal. 

 Those who were lucky enough to see Karel Funk’s 2007 solo show at the MACM will be surprised by his departure from portraits, and charmed by the subtle wit of his newest creations.  Visitors to Sarah Anne Johnson’s Arctic Wonderland exhibition at Division last year will enjoy her tenderly-observed adventures in the bedrooms of Winnipeg.

 David Altmejd, Graham Gillmore, Scott McFarland, and Tim Gardner join Karel Funk and Sarah Anne Johnson, to give us a snapshot of the best contemporary art in our country.  We are pleased to have such strong work from these museum-caliber artists, and are proud to be able to showcase Canada’s finest international talent on their native soil.