Extreme Painting

Kim Dorland, Andre Ethier, Mathieu Lefevre, Allison Schulnik

Extreme painting, featuring works by Canadian artists Kim Dorland, Martin Golland and Andre Ethier alongside works by American artist Allison Schulnik, as well as many other exciting and emerging Canadian artists such as Dave and Jenn and Mathieu Lefevre, opens at Division Gallery on June 12th.

This group exhibition presents what we believe is a comprehensive overview of where contemporary painting is today. Beyond the undisputable fact that these artists’ work is “cutting-edge”, they were selected because of their unique and distinguishable voices.

Narratives extend beyond simplistic shock tactics and cynicism, and range from whimsical and funny, to baffling and frightening. All explore the definition of a complex existence where there are undeniable tensions.

In many cases the medium itself is used to push the boundaries.  Be prepared as the results are bold to say the least. The visual qualities of the work are intense and most of the powerful imagery is meant to challenge the viewer.

This exhibition concurs with Extreme Painting exhibitions in more than fifteen galleries across the city this summer and runs until August 14th inclusively.