Barry Allikas LINES OF SIGHT

It would be tempting, at first glance, to place Barry Allikas’ work in the neo-plasticien’s tradition.  But appearances would be misleading in this case.  His most recent body of work, which will be presented at Galerie Division from March 3rd to the 31st, issues rather from random creative processes; and from a subtle use of new technologies.

 Central to Allikas’ work is his strong belief that there can be more potential significance in events that are beyond individual control.  In the past, the artist has used dice and the rhythm found in Baudelaire’s poems in order to compose his paintings.  Dada games, John Cage’s methodologies and quantum physics have also been important influences.

 In this particular series of paintings, algorithms generated randomly by a computer were used to create unexpected compositions that the artist then transposed onto the canvas - allowing himself to alter them only minimally, in order to preserve their unbidden qualities.  Although born out of chaos, Barry Allikas’ new works are marked with serenity and balance.  They reconcile technological progress with natural balance, as they calmly manifest their contemporary relevance

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