Richard-Max Tremblay L'ombre des choses

Richard-Max Tremblay’s work presents itself to us discretely, but clearly and fully realized. In its seamless and elegant manner it speaks softly, finding and revealing to us fascinating things gleaming from within all the semi-lit, illuminated shadows that in fact continually surround us; and that most frequently are edited from the awareness of our quotidian experience. To confront these paintings is to remember having seen the images that constitute their subjects, during those moments of seriousness we have when we believe that nothing serious is happening. Having this experience of seeing his work provides a profound sense of being re-attached to a little-known world of semi-hidden life; a safe place in which darkness and light turn out to be not only indivisible as co-equal opposites, but finally can be thought of as part and parcel, one and the same. In this exhibition “L’ombre des choses” Tremblay opens a series of fully imagined windows not onto, but rather into, a world which trembles and whispers its uncanny message, and invites us to allow it, in effect, to look back at us.  

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