Vincent Lafrance Five Photographies

For Vincent Lafrance seeing is thinking, and perception – of anything at all – is implicitly aesthetic, spurring the possibilities of the camera; skill is simply a means to an end, one of many. His art implies a perfectionism that is itself a form of humor. Despite the stillness and beauty, sight gags abound in the imagery; we find in this new body of work another set of things we would not expect to confront in art or life, and yet somehow bewilderingly expect; they summon our forgotten speculations, and bump straight into our disowned, spontaneous daydreams and re-imaginings, revealing the uncanny to be funnier than we’d thought, quirky, and mysterious precisely because it seemed not to be. His odd seeming-manipulations of light help us to see that we are inside light: we see it and need it to see. Lafrance enjoys the freedom of our common artistic dilemma, as it allows him to both write and play in the story of his choice. In the space of one show, as here in Cinq Photoghraphies, he intervenes in such a way as to address us and himself comprehensively, and spur our reaction; in the remotest of physical and conceptual territories, as well as the most seemingly obvious.

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