Chloe Wise Cats not fighting is a horrible sound as well

Works in the exhibition

Describe yourself:

I want to binge on you like that cheddar popcorn and

for you to want to track my flights

to check my feed; to see my face.

I've had the avocado toast here one thousand times and

now you strike with your disgusting smile.

Describe yourself:

Your leaves look shiny and sticky and dewy but on second touch they are fabric,

O Eternal Polyester

You are just a bouquet of cloth roses from Valentine's Day

a prized faux-floral arrangement in a silent hotel lobby

(But flowers wilt and you will not)

Would you bleed if I cut you?; Do you ever have to pee?; Do you have ears?

Do potted plants hear?

When will you realize I am a tourist?

For Cats not fighting is a horrible sound as well, Chloe Wise's third solo exhibition at Division Gallery, the artist brings together a selection of portraits, drawings, and sculptures, as well as a site-specific installation loosely based on a cantina, a typical Italian cellar used to cure meats and cheeses, to store sauces and wines.

Wise creates virtual zones where artifice and reality meet, intermingling in an uncanny realm where those binaries cannot be neatly occupied. Food, substituted by meticulously hand painted plastic casts, recall formulaic imaginaries for the female body--sites of consumption, excess and desire.  A cantina housing perishables rendered in plastic, pastoral scenes returned as temporary video sets, posed sitters superimposed on desktop-worthy backgrounds--these are arenas where legible codes are mussed when an alternative fiction rears her nasty head.

Questioning the possibility of locating authenticity within hybridization, Wise looks to the dilution of so-called authentic Italian cuisine via multinational restaurants chains.  Here, acts of translation lead to misrecognition. A couple shares a never-ending-salad, playing footsie over terracotta color carpet, under a bare pergola ceiling. These kinds of negotiations are always already pictured and formed, under construction at the same time that they are held firmly by collective memory. Framed alongside La Croix cans, garlic knots, grapes, 2L jugs of Poland Spring 100% natural spring water, the subjects of Wise's paintings navigate the determinants of commodification.

Chloe Wise (b. 1990) is a Canadian artist living and working in New York. Solo presentations have been held at Retrospective Gallery, New York; Division Gallery, Toronto and Montreal, and Galerie Sébastian Bertrand, Geneva. Her work has been presented at the AGO, Toronto; Hydra School House Projects, Greece; Eric Firestone Gallery, Hamptons; Atlanta Contemporary, Atlanta and was featured in Unrealism, presented by Jeffrey Deitch and Larry Gagosian in Miami. Upcoming presentations include a solo exhibition with Almine Rech, Paris in 2017. An artist monograph was published fall of this year. 

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