Tammi Campbell

Works in the exhibition

Galerie Division is pleased to present a new exhibition by Saskatoon-based artist Tammi Campbell.

Campbell's work draws heavily on modernist and minimalist traditions, adopting their precepts to explore and interrogate the art historical canon.  With painting as both subject and medium, she draws attention to the work of art as object and to the associated activity of an object's contemplation.

The results are monochrome paintings that lure and destabilize the viewer.  We find ourselves confronted by ersatz pieces of cardboard, sheets of bubble wrap, folded tarpaulins and bits of tape - all objects that masquerade as hardware store materials but that are in fact painstakingly constructed simulacrums built exclusively of paint.  What do these materials signify in the context of their presentation?  Campbell's conflation of paintings and the materials that envelope them forces us to consider the mechanics of the art world at large - not merely an artwork's presentation, but also its conception, production, packaging, transportation, storage, etc.  Her minimalism blurs the distinction between studio and gallery, while her paintings, camouflaged as ostensible ready-mades, all but disappear.

The crosses affixed to certain paintings, notably Monochrome with Cardboard and Tan Packing Tape and Monochrome with Corrugated Cardboard and Packing Tape, attest further to such negation - perhaps even to the elision, within a predominantly male canon, of a collective female voice.  By rendering her painting at once sculptural and illusory, obsessively detailed and strikingly banal, Campbell upsets our well-ordered preconceptions of the medium, distilling an encyclopedic array of references into a language all her own.

Tammi Campbell holds a bachelor degree from the University of Saskatchewan. Her work has been included in solo exhibitions at the Mackenzie Art Gallery and at the College Buildings Galleries, University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon.  Her work was also part of several group exhibitions across Canada namely at the Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon (2015), the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Toronto (2014), the Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina (2013), the Mercer Union, Toronto (2013) and at the Galerie de l'UQAM, Montreal (2013).  The artist also participated in the 2014 Canadian Biennale and the International Symposium of Contemporary Art of Baie St-Paul.  

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