Sky Glabush

Works in the exhibition

Galerie Division is pleased to present Sky Glabush’s new exhibition with the gallery and his first solo presentation in Montreal.

Glabush’s work takes many forms, moving fluidly between painting, sculpture, and drawing. With an elastic treatment of form and style, the artist digs into big questions around modernism, selfhood, sociality, and the structures erected to maintain these broad categories. While earlier series saw the artist question the relationship between spirituality and abstraction, and religion and modernity, this latest exhibition delves into the ordering principles of identity. Drawing parallels between spaces and the subjects that inhabit them, Glabush investigates the twofold interiority and exteriority defining identity and architecture.

Glabush presents a new series of sculptures that resemble modular furnishings- tables, shelves, and bookcases. Like those domestic items, these sculptures are composed of growths and add-ons, resisting the illusion of monumentality and the unification of a gestalt. Storage Unit finds footing in both home entertainment systems and cubist compositions, disclosing or shrouding information depending on one’s perspective. Two steps fixed at the helm of the sculpture invite a projected kneeling at its foot or accession into its labyrinth of caches. While Storage Unit elicits interplay with viewers, sculptures of chairs embedded in concrete deny this impulse; viewers encounter these seats with the negative space meant for the body already occupied by heavy materials.

The encaustic coating and rough-hewn surfaces of Glabush’s sculptures trace the manipulation that they have undergone. Glabush’s latest experimentation into weaving also places labour at the fore, locating value in the act of making rather than the final object. Swatches of subdued colours bleed into one another (a result of Glabush passing hand dyed threads through the loom when wet), indexing the arduous transformation of his materials over time. Like the syntax of his roaming patchworks, registers of meaning are not sealed off and contained. Instead, Glabush traces how our seemingly delimited personhood is transmuted into the vessels and spaces with which we interact.

An iteration of this exhibition was recently presented at Oakville Galleries. Glabush has had solo exhibition at MKG 127, Toronto (2014, 2011, 2009); Art Gallery of Windsor (2011); and Thames Art Gallery, Chatam (2012). His work has been included in group shows such as The Painting Project, at Galerie de l’UQAM, Montreal (2013); A(l)ure of the Local October, Museum London (2009); Hintherlands, Harbourfront Center, Toronto (2009); Canada Calling: recent work by Sky Glabush and Shary Boyle, Suzanne Biederberg Gallery, Amsterdam (2005); and Here and Now: Current Drawings, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton (2005). 

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